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  • 2017-06-23
    • Add new minions and mounts from 4.0 to page and add all known methodes to obtain them. Pls visit the offical discord server and give feedback or where to find the other minions/mounts. I currently working on a new version of the page for a better performance, a xivdb sync integration and many other new features (triple triade, orchestrion, relic tracker,...) pls look for forward to it ^^

Latest Minions: 2

Icon Name Patch Method Description
Frilled Dragon4.35Misc. MethodsPurchased from Confederate Custodian for 10 Empyrean Potsherd. (Obtainable from The Heaven-on-High)
Wind-up Cirina4.35Seasonal Rewards(N\A)Reward for the Special Event The Rising 2018.

Latest Mounts: 2

Icon Name Patch Method Description
Dodo4.35Deep DungeonCan be obtained with an 'Platinum-haloed Sack' found in Heaven-on-High.
Juedi4.35Deep DungeonWill be optained by clear four times floor 100 of Heaven-on-High.

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