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  • 2017-06-23
    • Add new minions and mounts from 4.0 to page and add all known methodes to obtain them. Pls visit the offical discord server and give feedback or where to find the other minions/mounts. I currently working on a new version of the page for a better performance, a xivdb sync integration and many other new features (triple triade, orchestrion, relic tracker,...) pls look for forward to it ^^

Latest Minions: 12

Icon Name Patch Method Description
Wind-up Hien4.1Wondrous TailsCan be a reward form 'Wondrous Tails'.
Wind-up Ravana4.1CraftingCan be crafted from recept Wind-up Ravana by weaver.
Wind-up Kojin4.1Beast TribeKojin Beast Tribe. Purchasable for 5 Kojin Sango from Kojin Sango Exchange (upon reaching 'Respected' reputation).
Mameshiba4.1Retainer VenturesCan be obtained by Highlands Exploration XXII.
Tengu Doll4.1Retainer VenturesCan be obtained by Field Exploration XXII.
Wind-up Matanga4.1Treasure DungeonsFound in a Treasure Coffer in The Lost Canals Of Uznair.
Koala Joey4.1Retainer VenturesCan be obtained by Woodland Exploration XXII.
Salt & Pepper Seal4.1Dungeons & TrialsFound in Final Boss Treasure Coffer in The Drowned City Of Skalla.
Axolotl Eft4.1Retainer VenturesCan be obtained by Waterside Exploration XXII.
Wind-up Ixion4.1FATE RewardsReceive 5 'Ixion Horn' for participation in the FATE A Horse Outside and exchange them for a 'Ixion Clarion'.
Wind-up Shinryu4.1CraftingCan be crafted from recept Wind-up Shinryu by weaver.
Dress-up Raubahn4.1Quest RewardsComplete the main story quest Return Of The Bull.

Latest Mounts: 8

Icon Name Patch Method Description
Managarm4.1Misc. MethodsPurchasable for 8 Gold Chocobo Feather from Calamity Salvager in Ul'dah, Calamity Salvager in Old-Gridania or Calamity Salvager in Limsa Lominsa.
Mystic Panda4.1Unknown
Starlight Bear4.1Seasonal Rewards(N\A)Reward for the Special Event Starlight Celebration 2017.
Legendary Kamuy4.1Dungeons & TrialsRandom drop in the trail The Minstrel's Ballad: Shinryu's Domain.
Striped Ray4.1Beast TribeKojin Beast Tribe. Purchasable for 12 Kojin Sango from Kojin Sango Exchange (upon reaching 'Bloodsworn' reputation).
Flying Chair4.1CraftingCan be crafted from recept Flying Chair by alchemist.
Magitek Avenger4.1Achievement RewardsRewarded when obtaining the achievement Die Another Day III, emerge victorious in an Astragalos campaign 100 times.
Korpokkur Kolossus4.1MGP PurchasePurchasable for 750,000 MGP from Gold Saucer Attendant.

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